About Vizeo by Appcilious Pvt. Ltd.

  • Arpan Deb started Vizeo because the existing Text To Voice solutions being offered are fractured and most of them are missing vital factors or lack in their offerings of;

    • Commercially licenced unique music.
    • Multiple languages.
    • Wide range of voices.
    • Custom voice fonts.
    • Integration API
    • Custom video avatars.
    • Audio editors

    That is why we thought of creating a single solution for Text To Voice and other related services.

    Along the way, we were joined by many users who have invested their precious time to provide us with feedbacks, suggestions, ideas to continue making Vizeo a compelling service.

    We want Vizeo to be the go to service for any text to voice and voice to text tasks. We have a well defined roadmap for Vizeo and intend to continue make our offerings more attractive and useful for our users.